This 60-inch settee showcases my driving philosophy in design and high level of craftsmanship in woodworking and traditional upholstery. It is important to me to create work that is reparable whenever possible. As I have grown as a designer, I have challenged myself to consider how I can extend the life of my products and make repair as widely accessible as possible.
With the settee, I made future reupholstery more easily accessible with removable upholstered parts. The seat screws hidden below were a very simple resolution, but hiding the mechanical connection of the seat backs was a little trickier. I used a keyhole and dowel mechanism so that the backrest could support being leaned on from above by the weight of an adult or lifted from below but could still be removed with a light whack of a mallet from the correct angle.
In line with this sustainable philosophy are my material choices. I was fortunate to have access to industrial remnant fabric from Source International and beech wood leftover from another project. To seal the wood, I used a tallow-based soap. Beyond being far more environmentally friendly than other modern finishes, the soap finish allows for a forgiving repair.

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